BLU-V Series

Battery load units from DC Power BLU-V series are portable, powerful and accurate solution for performing a battery capacity tests.


The BLU-V series Battery Discharge Tester can test any battery string, such as lead-acid, Li-Ion, Ni-Cd and others. These battery strings can be up to 500 V DC. The capacity test is performed according to relevant battery testing standards:

  • IEEE 450-2010,
  • IEEE 1188-2005,
  • IEEE 1106-2015,
  • IEC 60896-11/22 and other.

BLU-V series battery load units enable selecting the discharge current up to 160 A, with 0,1 A resolution. Several battery testers can be connected in parallel, or additional load units (BXL-V or other) can be used if higher currents are required. Using battery discharge tester a user can select the following discharge modes: constant current, constant power, and constant resistance. Additionally, battery duty cycle using a user-selectable discharge profile can be simulated.

Crucial discharge parameters, such as battery voltage, current, elapsed time and capacity can be monitored in real-time on 4,3-inch touch screen display. Also, the capacity testers can be used with DV-B Win software. By this way, a user can view a detailed numerical and graphical presentation of key parameters, or create reports in various formats.

Finally, BLU-V Series testers accurately measure capacity while the battery is connected to its load.